Increase and Decrease Weighing Display Controller

The increase and decrease weighing display controller is the FS3198-C41-ZJ weighing display controller with addition and subtraction weighing control that can customize high-precision analog signal synchronous output of 4-20mA, 0-10mA, and 0-20mA. Analog signal accuracy: 0.01% F.S (weight synchronous analog voltage signal obtained through 16 optical isolation D/A conversion). (Opening: 152mm x 75mm)

What Is Increase and Decrease Weighing Display Controller?

Feeding control of FS3198-C41-ZJ:

Control of increase and decrease weighing display controller according to weight setting value, advance, allowable error, and corresponding time parameters; The unloading control is also controlled according to the weight setting value, advance amount, allowable error, and corresponding time parameters.

Features of Increase and Decrease Weighing Display Controller

Main functions of FS3198-C41-ZJ weighing display controller:

First, feed a large container with quantitative control (only one kind of material), and then automatically conduct single or multiple constant value control unloading after feeding. It is used for weighing control of specific filling and packaging production lines, and can automatically accumulate the total number of times according to the set number of runs or continuous runs.

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