Weighing Display Controller

The FS3198-C1 series weighing display controller has our company’s independently developed intellectual property rights; The advanced weighing technology adopted is developed by the microcontroller, 1010 read/write digital memory chip, low drift precision differential analog amplifier, self-stable drift high A/D, electromagnetic interference technology, computer menu processing technology, and other technologies; Equipped with a computer, printer, and large screen communication interface, it can meet the requirements of ordinary weighing or networked weighing; It has the advantages of accurate and stable measurement, intuitive weight reading, simple menu operation, and multiple weighing methods.

What Is Weighing Display Controller?

FS3198-C1x and C1xH mainly include three products:

  • FS3198-C1B, CIBH weighing display controller (quantitative packaging type);
  • FS3198-C1G, CIGH weighing display controller (quantitative filling type);
  • FS3198-C1M, C1MH weighing display controller (weight threshold type).

The control function weighing controller can be customized, or the filling weighing controller and system can be repaired or replaced.

Features of Weighing Display Controller

  • Weighing display controllers can be equipped with 1~8 sensors for feeding and unloading control of one material;
  • 7 numbers and 10 LEDs are used to display parameters and status;
  • Static: OIML Level III, dynamic controller:&plug-in; 0.1%、0.2%、0.5%;
  • Set up point and weight calibration, operate the board key, and adjust the electronic scale accurately and conveniently; The intelligent relative point can be established by setting the point or starting the machine (when the empty scale is started, it is).
  • The control parameters are input in the form of a menu, which is easy to learn and operate.
  • The status and operation status of each actuator are displayed with 10 LEDs, which is intuitive and clear, convenient for debugging and maintenance;
  • Manual and automatic control modes are available for easy use, commissioning, and maintenance;
  • Automatic peeling function can be set, which can automatically peel every time or after N times, or not peel;
  • Weighing display controller has the function of ending impact comparison;
  • Slow weight control threshold can be automatically corrected and controlled;
  • Weighing display controller can be set with the function of dynamic feeding for less important points, and the weight of each bag will not have a negative deviation;
  • Control output is OC door or relay dry contact output, or output AC 220V control;
  • Weighing display controllers can be used for “quantitative packaging scale, quantitative filling scale, weighing threshold control scale”, etc.
  • Form of watch structure: desktop watch or 160mm × 80mm panel embedded structure (opening: 152mm × 75mm).

Specification of Weighing Display Controller

FS3198-C1x adopts traditional double integral A/D conversion mode, with A/D conversion of 10-30 times/second; C1xH weighing display controller adopts 24 bit Sigma Delta ADC for analog digital conversion, with output rate of 150~1200 times/second.

How to Install the Product

  1. Our products are built for easy installation. The modular design and pre-integrated systems mean no heavy lifting equipment is required, minimizing installation costs and labor.
  2. We are committed to your satisfaction beyond installation. Our complete technical service system provides you with expert advice, installation guidance, and ongoing after-sales support. While we can’t offer on-site service in your area, we provide thorough video guides and remote assistance for a smooth installation process.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • We stand behind our products. If any accessories are damaged during the warranty period, we’ll replace them at no charge.

Why Choose Us?

Advantage 1: BINCEN specializes in manufacturing electronic scales, ingredient controllers, measuring instruments, and complete automation systems. Our products find extensive applications in supporting construction machinery manufacturers, with our weighing and batching controllers boasting precise algorithms and consistent performance. We adhere to the good tradition of Seiko and meticulous work, strictly demand the quality of products, and win customers with stable and reliable product quality.

Advantage 2: We supply cutting-edge industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, and sensor instruments to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and aerospace industry entities across China. Our technology and products are esteemed for their reliability and credibility.

Advantage 3: Our team of seasoned engineers offers comprehensive sales support, including expert guidance throughout the sales process, customized solution design, assistance with product selection, installation, and debugging, as well as ongoing maintenance services post-purchase.


A1: Yes, we are a manufacturer, and we can provide competitive prices, good quality, and service.


  • Spot products and goods will be delivered within 15 days after receiving the deposit or full payment.
  • Customized products shall be delivered within 30-45 days after receiving the deposit.
  • Payment before delivery.

A3: It is 12 months.

A4: 15 days from the quotation date.

A5: Weighbridge, Truck Scale, Weighing Controller, Belt Scale, Weighing System.

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