Weighing and Batching Control System for Concrete Mixing Station

The quick-moving simple mixing plant is highly suitable for the construction needs of small and medium-sized projects, ensuring the accuracy of metering and batching, and the homogeneity of mixing, meeting the requirements of the aggregate feeding process of the control system. The weighing and batching control system for the Concrete Mixing Station is also important.

What Is Weighing and Batching Control System for Concrete Mixing Station?

It can be divided into several types according to different project scale requirements of users:

(1) Simple weighing and batching control system (mixing station): without computer control:

Centralized operation console for 4 bin aggregate scales, 2 cement scales, 2 mixers, lifting, timing water adding/flushing, and concrete unloading.

FS3198-C4 weighing display controller is suitable for feeding and unloading in various ways. It can complete all control of weighing and batching without PLC. The aggregate scale, cement scale, water and admixture scale, mixer, lifting, water inflow/flushing, concrete unloading, etc. are under centralized control to reduce human error, improve efficiency, and save operators or reduce their operating workload. The FS3198-C4 weighing and batching centralized control console has stable and reliable performance, accurate weighing, and convenient operation, and is widely used in highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, docks, high-rise buildings, etc!

1) Common feeding mechanism:

  • Cylinder mode door opening and closing for feeding; Screw feeding; Feeding by belt; Feeding by electric vibration; Solenoid valve switch mode feed gate; Feeding by pumping; Common discharging mechanism;
  • Cylinder mode door opening and unloading; Unloading by belt; Unloading with solenoid valve switch mode; Discharge by pumping.

2) Type of centralized console:

  • Centralized console of aggregate scale+1 cement scale;
  • 1 aggregate scale+2 centralized consoles of cement scale;
  • Centralized console of 1 aggregate scale+1 cement scale+1 additive scale, etc.

(2) Microcomputer weighing and batching control system of concrete mixing station:

The microcomputer weighing and batching control system of the concrete mixing station is composed of a computer, FS3198-C4 weighing and batching controller, printer, and strong current control cabinet. The computer weighing and batching control software (V3.1) for the concrete mixing station in the Windows version of our company provides users with a friendly graphical human-computer interface, collects data in real-time, and displays the weight of each scale, the opening and closing status of each scale’s feeding valve, the formula of each scale and the actual feeding weight, the batching cycle times and the communication status in real-time. The screen display is comprehensive and intuitive; The system uses the password to call the formula number for automatic weighing and batching. The actual batching results can be stored, displayed, counted, queried, and output reports for display and printing. The system is simple to operate, easy to learn, and easy to use. It meets the functional requirements of microcomputer automatic weighing, control, and management of large, medium, and small concrete mixing stations so that the quality of concrete production can be effectively guaranteed and the working efficiency of concrete production can be improved.

The system can weigh and mix 15 kinds of materials with five scales, including aggregate scale (4 kinds of materials), cement scale (4 kinds of materials), fly ash scale (3 kinds of materials), water scale (2 kinds of materials) and additive scale (2 kinds of materials).

1)Functional characteristics of computer control software:

  • Carry out automatic control according to the formula corresponding to the formula number;
  • Batching operation mode: frequency mode and continuous automatic batching mode are optional;
  • Daily, monthly, and annual statistical statements can be printed;
  • Historical data of ingredients can be queried;
  • The host batching time and unloading timing can be modified to meet the mixing needs;
  • Operators shall be managed by authority;
  • System formula input, operation, and historical data query.

2)Unloading mode of the system:

  • Mode 1: unloading the batching scale and concrete, which are automatically completed by the computer;
  • Mode 2: unloading of batching scale is automatically completed by computer, and unloading of concrete is manually completed;
  • Mode 3: unloading batching scales are delivered manually, and concrete unloading is completed manually;
  • Mode 4: The unloading of batching scales is completed manually, and the unloading of concrete is completed manually.

(3) Bucket lift concrete mixing plant

Bucket lift concrete mixing plant is widely used in medium-scale building construction, road and bridge engineering, and concrete product prefabrication plants. Simple design, rapid installation, land saving, and many other advantages are the ideal choice for the majority of construction units to produce high-quality concrete.

1)Feeding system: saving land and fast feeding

The winch is used to lift the hopper for feeding. The unique design of the hopper and track can conveniently and efficiently place and dump the aggregate to ensure smooth production. It can save up to one-third to two-thirds of the floor space compared with the mixing station with the usual inclined belt conveyor.

2)Powder metering system: scientific setting and accurate metering
The overall metering system structure is designed scientifically to avoid the adverse impact of the main building and other factors on the powder weighing system. It is not easy to produce accumulated materials, pull weighing system, and drag weighing system to ensure metering accuracy.

3)Liquid metering system: intelligent adjustment and quality control
The coarse and fine metering of liquid additives, as well as the adjustment devices such as the liquid storage bag and manual ball valve, automatically realize the functions of overweighing and weighing, missing weighing and supplementing weighing, timely adjusting, and improving the metering accuracy. The additive leakproof device is set to ensure the quality and safety of the coagulant; The micro additive metering system is optional, which is specially designed for micro liquid additives such as air entraining agents. Under the national standard error, the small dosage can reach 0.4 kg/m3.

4)Intelligent control system: multiple guarantees and efficient management
The independently developed dual computer synchronous production management control system realizes the free switching of full automatic, semi-automatic, and manual working modes, making production control more free; Online detection and control of product quality to eliminate inferior products; With the independent research and development technology of fault warning, multiple guarantees can keep your equipment running; Data is automatically classified and summarized, and cloud data is stored to ensure clear data and convenient operation.

(4)Sample drawing of foundation pit after completion:

Specification of Weighing and Batching Control System for Concrete Mixing Station

parameter JDY500CHJS750AHJS1000AH/BHJS1500BHJS2000
Feed capacity L 800L1200L1600L2400L3200L
Discharge capacity L 500L750L1000L1500L2000L
throughput 23~ 28m³/h34 ~ 45 m³/h40~ 50 m³/h60~ 75 m³/h60~ 75 m³/h
Rotating speed of mixing shaft 23r/min29.89r/min29.6r/min29.6r/min29.6r/min
Mixing motor power 18.5kw30kw37kw45kw2×37kw
Hopper lifting speed/min 23m/min34. 65m/min23.5m/min23m/min23m/min
Winch motor power 5.5kw7.5kw11kw18.5kw18.5kw
Pump motor power O.55kw0.75kw1. 1kw2.2kw2.2kw
Maximum aggregate diameter 60mm (crushed stone)80mm (pebble)60mm (crushed stone)80mm (pebble)60mm (crushed stone)80mm (pebble)60mm (crushed stone)80mm (pebble)60mm (crushed stone)80mm (pebble)
Mixing time 30~ 35s35 ~40s35 ~40s35 ~40s45s
Transportation status dimensionLength ×width × height (m) 3.4m×2. 3m×2.7m3.4m×2.3m×2.6m4.34m×2.35m×2.8m4.05m×2.38m×2.77m3.75m×2.33m×2.23m
Overall quality 4t6t7.6t/8t9.5t8.6t
(The data in the above table is for reference only, and the supplier reserves the right to improve, subject to the product parameters on the specific date)

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