Explosion Proof Electronic Scale

Explosion Proof Electronic Platform Scale5

Explosion Proof Electronic Platform Scale

The explosion-proof electronic platform scale adopts an intrinsically safe instrument, explosion-proof sensor, and high-strength scale body to form an explosion-proof…
Explosion Proof Small Weighbridge4

Explosion Proof Small Weighbridge

The explosion-proof platform scale produced by BINCEN can adopt two types: Intrinsically safe explosion-proof and flameproof explosion-proof, suitable for weighing in explosive…
Explosion Proof Truck Scale1

Explosion Proof Truck Scale

Suitable for various explosion-hazardous environments; Accuracy class: ClassⅢ; Analog or digital configuration is optional; Three explosion-proof modes can be used.
Explosion Proof Control Cabinet1

Explosion Proof Control Cabinet

Generally used in hazardous areas with flammability. If the weighing instrument is placed in a hazardous area, a dedicated explosion-proof…