Explosion Proof Control Cabinet

Generally used in hazardous areas with flammability. If the weighing instrument is placed in a hazardous area, a dedicated explosion-proof control cabinet needs to be customized, and a customized safety barrier box BC-AQS-IA2 needs to be installed inside.

What Is Explosion Proof Control Cabinet?

The instrument adopts D2008 with RS-232 interface and R232-RS485 conversion interface, which can achieve RS-485 MODBUS RTU communication and connect to PLC and DCS systems.

The interface needs to be equipped with other explosion-proof accessories to meet the connection with safety zone PLC, DCS, etc.

Explosion Proof Control Cabinet5

Features of Explosion Proof Control Cabinet

  • The casing is made of aluminum alloy casting (other casings can also be customized according to customer needs), with a beautiful and elegant appearance design;
  • The switch box adopts explosion-proof construction;
  • Choose modularity and various control circuits can be freely matched;
  • Good practicality and convenient use;
  • Capable of serving as load, short circuit fault, phase failure, and leakage protector;
  • Customization can be made according to customer standards.

Specification of

  • External dimensions: 500 * 400 * 250 (24 buttons, 1 power supply, 1 rotary switch, explosion-proof input/output connector);
  • Explosion proof level: Ex deII BT4 Gb; Ex deII CT4 Gb; Ex tD A21 IP66 T80 ℃;
  • Plastic signal lights, buttons, knobs certificate: Ex deII C Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66;
  • Incoming and outgoing lines: Stainless steel gland (IP68).

In addition to the Explosion Proof Control Cabinet, we also provide other Explosion Proof Electronic Scale such as Explosion Proof Small Weighbridge, Explosion Proof Electronic Platform Scale, etc. We provide various kinds of products and custom services for your specific needs.

How to Install the Product

  1. Ditch the heavy machinery! Our modular design and pre-integrated systems make installation a breeze. Save time and money with this user-friendly approach.
  2. We’re with you every step of the way! Get expert advice, clear instructions, and ongoing support with our comprehensive technical service system. While we can’t offer on-site service in your area, we provide detailed video tutorials and remote assistance for a successful installation adventure!

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • If any accessories are damaged during the warranty period, the manufacturer will, at its sole option, repair or replace them at no charge to the customer.

Why Choose Us?

  • BINCEN is a manufacturer engaged in electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments and meters, and complete automation equipment! We have more than 20 years of experience in the production, R&D, and sales of weighing instruments, and we are still developing and innovating. Our products are widely used in supporting construction machinery manufacturers, and the weighing and batching controller has precise algorithms and stable performance.
  • We provide international industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, and sensor equipment and instruments for many well-known large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and aerospace industry enterprises in China. Our technology and products are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Senior engineers provide you with comprehensive and comprehensive sales service guidance, pre-sales professional solution design, product selection guidance, in-sales installation and debugging, and after-sales maintenance service guidance.


A1: Yes, we are a manufacturer, and we can provide competitive prices, good quality, and service.

A2: It is 12 months.

A3: Weighbridge, Truck Scale, Weighing Controller, Belt Scale, Weighing System.

A4: OIML, BT, ISO, CE, Type evaluation certificate of truck scale.

A5: At present, there are only repair points available in China. If you have repair needs, we will provide online remote guidance.

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