Industrial Platform Scale

Small Weighbridge Platform Scale1

Small Weighbridge Platform Scale

Suitable for weighing ordinary industrial products. Customized products for industrial, logistics, chemical, agricultural fertilizer and other industries according to customer…
Double Deck Scale 1

Double Deck Scale

The scale adopts a double-layer scale body and is equipped with a spiral compression spring to absorb the impact during…
Industrial Floor Scale 1

Industrial Floor Scale

Accurate measurement, suitable for weight measurement of non-ferrous metals and precious materials, and weight inspection of factory products.
Framed Platform Scale 1

Framed Platform Scale

The steel frame with a limit base can be directly placed on the ground for use. It is anti-collision and…
Buffer Scale 1

Buffer Scale

The buffer scale adopts a double-layer scale body and is equipped with a high-performance shock absorber spiral compression spring to…
Stainless Steel Platform Scale 5

Stainless Steel Platform Scale

BINCEN weighing factory 304 high-quality stainless steel weighbridge in the weighing instrument industry field, with precise corrosion resistance measurement, high precision,…
Electronic Weighing Platform Scale 1

Electronic Weighing Platform Scale

The electronic platform scale has accurate weighing, high precision, fast response speed, convenient use, and intuitive and eye-catching display of…
Portable Weighing Bar 1

Portable Weighing Bar

Portable weighing rods that can be connected via Bluetooth can be used to complete on-site weighing, billing, printing, recording, invoicing,…