Weighing Threshold Controller

Weighing threshold controller referred to as FS3198-C4m weighing threshold controller (C4LED99-MZR version) can store 100 groups of weight threshold control values (hereinafter referred to as “formula”), and each formula can set four weight control thresholds; Two threshold control schemes can be selected to output control signals according to the weight threshold control relationship specified in the scheme. The principles are as follows:

What Is Weighing Threshold Controller?

1. “Threshold independent control output scheme”:

  • GW < 1C: K1_ ON, # 1 lights on,               GW>=1C: K1_ OFF, # 1 light is off;
  • GW < 2C: K2_ ON, # 2 lights on,                GW>=2C: K2_ OFF, # 2 light is off;
  • GW < 3C: K3_ ON and # 3 lights are on,    GW>=3C: K3_ OFF, # 3 light is off;
  • GW < 4C: K4_ ON, # 4 lights on,                GW>=4C: K4_ OFF, # 4 light is off.

2. “Threshold interval constraint output control scheme”:

Current weight and weight threshold relationship# 1 lamp# 2 lamp# 3 lamp# 4 lamprelay output
GW<1C:onoffoffoffK1_ ON, other OFF
1C=<GW<2C:offonoffoffK2_ ON, other OFF
2C=<GW<3C:offoffonoffK2_ ON, other OFF
3C=<GW<4C:offoffoffonK2_ ON, other OFF

Remarks: GW represents the current weight, 1C~4C is the threshold value of the working formula, which meets 1C ≤ 2C ≤ 3C ≤ 4C, and K1~K5 is the relay output signal.

Features of Weighing Threshold Controller

FS3198-C4m weighing threshold controller is used as a weighing controller for batching scale or weighing batching system, quantitative control scale, and other systems. It can form simple to complex weighing batching control systems without using a programmable logic controller (PLC) or industrial computer, making the whole system compact, with high control accuracy, stable and reliable performance, and simple operation.

The weighing threshold controller also has a manual mode (the threshold control logic does not work at this time). The digital key can be used to test whether the relay output is normal, which is convenient for debugging and maintenance. (Opening: 152mm × 75mm ).

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