Mixing Plant PLC System

The mixing plant PLC system of the commercial concrete station for commercial concrete is managed by an upper computer, and controlled and monitored by a lower computer PLC, achieving automation and intelligence throughout the entire process from batching measurement, and mixing, to discharge production. To improve ingredient accuracy, enhance product quality and yield, and reduce costs.

What Is Mixing Plant PLC System?

Mixing plant PLC system8

Control system composition configuration

1Upper computerIndustrial computerInstall Siemens WinCC monitoring configuration software on the upper industrial computer to achieve visual monitoring of the production process of commercial concrete mixing
liquid crystal display 
Monitoring and management software 
Needle printer 
2Operation consoleCentral controllerThe lower level Siemens PLC receives commands from the upper level industrial control computer, automatically and continuously controls the measurement of various materials according to the set formula, and automatically controls batching, feeding, mixing, and discharging.
Expansion module 
Weight signal transmission 
Color touch screen display 
Low voltage auxiliary electrical appliances 
3Power cabinetAll-in-one machine

Features of Mixing Plant PLC System

  1. A work control computer can control multiple batching scales and silos with a multifunctional weighing manager.
  2. PLC controls equipment action, and frequency converter controls ingredient accuracy with high precision.
  3. Adopting 232 bus, simplifying instrument and computer wiring, ensuring reliable equipment.
  4. Multiple batching scales are composed of scales with different ranges and structures, which are suitable for batching raw materials such as powders and liquids.
  5. All operational data such as production process parameters, formula input, production statistics, historical data queries, and process control are controlled by computers and can connect to the local area network.

System features

  1. Automatic control of the start and stop of the batching screw conveyor for batching.
  2. Start and stop the valve of the batching scale feeder.
  3. Start and stop of the mixer, control of mixing time, and discharge control of the mixer.
  4. Input and modification of formulas.
  5. Various process parameter equipment related to ingredient mixing.
  6. Quantitative packaging of computer-controlled products.

Function of Mixing Plant PLC System

The automation level of the ingredient control system is high:

  1. Mixing plant PLC system can automatically complete the system ingredient process flow, and the computer screen displays the ingredient system workflow in real time. The software operation is simple, and the screen is realistic.
  2. The control methods of the mixing plant PLC system are diverse, and the system is equipped with multiple operation modes such as upper-level manual/automatic, PLC automatic, control room manual, and on-site manual, which can be operated and controlled in multiple locations as needed.
  3. According to the process flow and equipment layout, the start-up sequence and delay time of each batching scale can be selected.
  4. Manual feeding on-site prompt and feeding response function.
  5. Manual ingredients can also enter the statistical database.
  6. The upper computer software is equipped with password protection for running and important parameter password modification, and users can achieve hierarchical management and freely define personnel permissions.
  7. The mixing plant PLC system can be equipped with an industrial television monitoring device to observe the operation of equipment such as ingredients and mixers.
  8. Powerful interlocking functions are installed between upper and lower-level equipment to ensure safety during production, operation, and maintenance processes.
  9. The instrument has functions such as parameter backup, online replacement, and manual testing.
  10. It is convenient to define alarm categories such as out-of-limit alarm, out-of-tolerance alarm, limit alarm, etc. The alarm output can be selected from one or more of the screen flashing, dialog box prompt, saved alarm event, printed alarm event, played or looped alarm prompt sounds.
  11. All input and output points can be tested, making it convenient for customers to quickly find fault points.

The information technology level of the ingredient control system is high:

  1. The upper computer has a recipe library management function;
  2. The upper-level stores the cumulative quantity, ratio, and start and end time of each run for easy querying;
  3. Intelligent reporting software provides a large amount of data information for production management, such as ingredient result lists, raw material consumption lists, production quantity lists, formula usage result records, etc. It can provide statistical and printing functions for production shift reports, daily reports, monthly reports, and annual reports based on time and formula.

Specification of Mixing Plant PLC System

No.Device NameControl functions and electrical parametersUnitQuantityBrandRemarks
1PLC weighing and batching control system
1.1Aggregate scale control4 belt conveyors, Motor 3.5kw/AC380V;3 silos belt conveyor feeding, Scale discharge: belt conveyor discharge+external belt conveyor of the scaleSet1BINCEN 
1.2External conveying equipment for aggregate scales1) 1 belt conveyor outside the scale (4.5kW), synchronously unloading with the aggregate scale (delayed closing);2) 1 winch (4.5kW) – buffer bucket lifting drive, the winch frame equipment is equipped with up and down travel switches;Piece1BINCENPLC controls the lifting/lowering of the external belt conveyor and winch buffer bucket of the scale; The lifting travel switch on the winch frame is sent to the PLC control cabinet, and the hardware automatically constrains the lifting control of the winch;
1.3Cement scale control2 spiral 5.5kW feed (using 2 spiral controls and backup 1 spiral control); Scale unloading adopts: pneumatic unloading with pneumatic vibration;Set1CustomizedPLC control: 2-screw feeding; Scale bucket 1 pneumatic discharge; The weighing hopper contains pneumatic vibration control (synchronized with the unloading of the scale).Excluding feeding and unloading actuators.Top of cement silo: including top dust collector (manual); Bottom of cement silo: including pneumatic arch breaking (manual)
1.4Water metering and controlWater metering and control method: DN32 electromagnetic flowmeter+pump and valve controlSet 1CustomizedUsing electromagnetic flow meters for water intake control; Excluding pumps and valves; DN32 electromagnetic flowmeter: 1 unit (DN32, AC220V power supply, 4-20mA, RS485 MODBUS, ± 0.5% level).
1.5Additive feed controlAdditive measurement and control method: using peristaltic pump+PLC external start control.Set1CustomizedAdditive measurement and control method: using peristaltic pump+PLC external start control. The PLC system outputs an external start control signal (relay passive contact pulse signal) to start the peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump adopts a timed control method to feed the admixture to the mixer, and the peristaltic pump automatically stops when the feeding time is up. The required dose is manually indicated and operated by the external peristaltic pump equipment itself
1.6Mixer controlCylinder door dischargeSet1CustomizedPLC control reference logic:1) The mixer has no material, allowing the scale to unload the material; After the scale is unloaded to the mixer, it is placed in a concrete state;2) After the unloading of the 2 scales is completed, and the water and additives are added, start stirring at a fixed time. When the stirring time is up, let it mix well;3) After mixing, it is allowed to unload the concrete;4) Mixer discharge: automatic/manual selection
22 spiral 5.5kW feed (using 2 spiral controls and backup 1 spiral control); Scale unloading adopts pneumatic unloading with pneumatic vibration;    Equipped with a 4G IoT card, it can be remotely upgraded and debugged;
2.1Switching Mode Power SupplyAC220V-DC24VPiece2Customized
2.2PLC controllerSiemens SMART ST60Piece1Siemens
2.3RS485 communication module Piece1 
2.410 inch touch screenB10S-GPiece1haiwei
2.5IoT cardhaiwei-4GPiece1haiwei
2.5Industrial Ethernet network cable inside the cabinetCategory 6 Ethernet cable/3MPiece1 
2.6Electrical control console or vertical control cabinetVertical cabinet or customized operation platform, equipped with PLC, weighing transmitter, touch screen, low-voltage electrical, etc.Set1Customized

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