Weighing and Batching Controller

FS3198-C4x series weighing display controller is used for weighing and batching control, and the whole system control does not require PLC. The weighing control is controlled and processed by a single chip computer; High system integration, stable and reliable operation, and accurate weighing control; The menu type operation mode is adopted, and the actuator action indication is provided at the same time. The installation, commissioning, and maintenance are convenient, and the operation is intuitive and simple.

What Is Weighing and Batching Controller?

FS3198-C41-007 version was launched, which can store 100 formulas; Increase automatic vibration with feeding timeout, and automatic vibration with unloading blockage; Add dosing end OK relay output; Increase the setting of empty scale threshold 0C and residual material discharge threshold yC to improve the anti vibration and shaking ability.

With different software, “FS3198-C4 weighing and batching controller” can be used to:

  • Fixed 4-bin single-speed batching machine with weighing bucket (using FS3198-C41 controller)
  • Fixed 4-bin double-speed batching machine with weighing bucket (FS3198-C42 controller)
  • Weighing bucket mobile 4-bin single-speed batching machine (FS3198-C4v controller is adopted)
  • Batching control of cement scale, water scale, and additive scale (using FS3198-C41 controller)
  • The company also introduced FS3198-C48-009 aggregate batching machine weighing controller with winch lifting control, FS3198-C31-009 high-level scale (cement scale, water scale, additive scale) batching controller with timed water adding, timed mixing and timed unloading, and C48 and C31 controllers, which can form a multi-scale automatic batching control system without PLC or IPC.

Features of Weighing and Batching Controller

  • Static accuracy: effective indexing is more than 3000, and dynamic controller accuracy: ± 0.2%, 0.5%, 1.0%;
  • 7 numbers and 10 LEDs are used to display parameters and status, which is intuitive and clear, convenient for debugging and maintenance;
  • Weighing and batching controller can be equipped with 1-8 resistance strain-type load cells;
  • Zero point and weight calibration shall be established, and all panel buttons shall be operated independently so that the electronic scale can be adjusted accurately and conveniently;
  • Feeding of 4 kinds of materials (single-speed, double-speed speed, or three-speed feeding) can be controlled by one-way or two-way unloading;
  • Single formula work can be ordered, or double formula alternate cycle work can be selected; The status and operation status of each actuator are displayed with 10 LEDs, which is intuitive and clear, convenient for debugging and maintenance;
  • Input control parameters in the form of passwords and menus, which are easy to learn and operate.
  • The “user menu” is divided into the “formula menu” and “advanced control menu”, which can be set and stored by entering passwords respectively;
  • It has manual and automatic control modes, which is convenient for commissioning and maintenance;
  • The feeding of each channel shall be automatically peeled first, controlled according to the net weight of the feeding, and finally, the total weight of the feeding shall be displayed, and the batching results shall be printed out through RS232;
  • The weighing and batching controller can automatically correct the advance of each channel, automatically replenish underweight, and accumulate times and feed weight of each channel;
  • Weighing and batching controller can operate according to the set batching times or continuously;
  • The control output is OC door, relay dry contact output, output AC 220V control, etc.
  • Weighing and batching controllers can be used for “quantitative packaging scale, quantitative filling scale, weighing threshold control scale, batching control scale”, etc.
  • With RS232 serial interface. If equipped with RS232 serial port communication printing software and RS232 serial port printer, the batching results can be printed after automatic batching is completed; If equipped with RS232 serial port communication control software, it can be connected to the computer for control, which is used for the weighing and batching computer control system of the concrete mixing plant or the batching control system of multiple plants. (Opening: 152mm × 75mm ).

How to Install the Product

  1. Our products are designed for simple installation. Modular components and pre-integrated systems eliminate the need for heavy machinery, saving you money on installation costs.
  2. We provide comprehensive technical support, including installation guidance and after-sales service. While on-site service isn’t available in your area, we offer detailed video tutorials and remote assistance for a successful installation.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • If the accessories are damaged during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall replace them.

Why Choose Us?

Advantage 1: BINCEN specializes in manufacturing electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments, and complete automation equipment. Its range of products finds extensive application in supporting construction machinery manufacturers.

Advantage 2: Our company offers a variety of international industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, as well as sensor equipment and instruments. These are supplied to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, as well as aerospace industry entities across China. Our technology and product offerings are renowned for their reliability and credibility.

Advantage 3: We have more than 20 years of experience in the production, R&D, and sales of weighing instruments, and we are still developing and innovating. Our team of seasoned engineers is committed to providing comprehensive sales service assistance. This includes proficient pre-sales solution design, expert product selection guidance, meticulous in-sales installation and debugging support, and proactive after-sales maintenance service guidance.


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