Screw Feeder

A screw feeder, a device specially used for powder metering, is a complete system composed of a steady flow screw (or reamer) and a metering screw; The length of the steady flow spiral is determined according to user requirements, materials, and process configuration. Extended steady flow and double tube steady flow spiral feeders can be provided to meet the owner’s special process and process requirements such as large flow range.

What Is Screw Feeder?

The constant flow spiral adopts the variable pitch structure and outlet overflow mode, which effectively solves the problem of material flushing (the output>60t/H adopts double pipe steady flow). The feeding opening is large, and the silo is not easy to arch and the feeding is smooth.

The screw feeder adopts advanced unequal-pitch spiral shaft blades and blade start end and end transition technologies. The blades are made of high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, featuring stable feeding, high blade strength, and wear resistance. Increase the thickness of the spiral blade, improve the strength of the blade, and extend the service life of the blade. Feed angle steel can be added at the outlet center to make the cutting smoother, improve the stress state of the blade, prevent the blade from being welded or bent at the blade tip, and prevent the reverse blade from being welded off due to fatigue damage.

Applicable places:

Screw feeder is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, paper, beverage, environmental protection and other industrial production.

Features of Screw Feeder

  1. The scale has the characteristics of modularization, good universality, and simple structure. For belts with different widths, general component types are relatively good. Except for the width response of static and dynamic beams, the width response of other beams is almost the same. In addition, the modular design structure greatly reduces the workload and cost of maintenance and replacement of spare parts. The precision of the scale is very high: Take the Shengneng scale as an example, the high-precision patented product can avoid the impact of the friction between the belt and the bar on the precision of the belt scale, and the high-precision direct bearing structure is adopted. The nominal accuracy of a symmetrical heavy feeder is 0.5%, which is enough to reduce the loss of measurement accuracy caused by these components and the interference caused by mechanical vibration and a symmetrical counterweight system during material conveying.
  2. In the process of material transportation, materials will not fly and are widely used in powder transportation in mining, construction sites, and other industries. Its scope of application is appropriate and extensive. The spiral scale has a good sealing effect, a simple structure, and a long service life. The spiral scale adopts suspended bearing equipment, which avoids contact between materials and bearings and greatly extends the service life of bearings. In addition, the spiral scale has the characteristics of simple disassembly and maintenance and is not easy to block during transportation.
  3. The screw feeder pushes the powder and granular materials in the pipe shell forward through the tubular screw to form a feed column, and at the same time, it prevents the air from channeling. Shaftless spiral structure can be used for materials with strong viscosity and easy winding.
Screw Feeder4

Function of Screw Feeder(by Classification

1. Double tube spiral metering scale with feeding constant flow spiral:

The upper spiral is used to isolate the pressure of the material in the silo on the scale. At the same time, the material conveyed is stable and uniform. The lower spiral realizes metering, which makes metering more accurate, stable, and reliable.

Basic product parameter information:

Pipe diameter of spiral scaleFlow range

2. When there are other flow stabilizing devices on the metering spiral feeding port, the “single tube spiral scale” is adopted:

When there are other flow stabilizing devices above the metering spiral feed port, such as impeller feeder, screw machine, etc., the “single tube screw scale” can be used for metering (screw metering scale, screw quantitative feeder)

Single pipe and single layer simultaneously complete metering and conveying:

  • Purpose: It can be used for conveying, called “screw burning conveyor”; Available metering, called “spiral metering scale”
  • “≤ 1CM” spacing, perfect material locking, material gushing, material scattering, and material channeling are no longer possible

3. Integral metering spiral electronic scale:

The upper spiral is used to isolate the pressure of the material in the silo on the spiral scale, and the material conveying is stable and uniform. The lower spiral realizes metering; The lower spiral adopts three weighing sensors to lift the metering spiral completely and float it in the air, so that the weighing zero point changes little, the metering is more stable and reliable, and the repeatability is good.

Single pipe and single layer simultaneously complete metering and conveying:

  • Purpose: It can be used for conveying, called “screw burning conveyor”; Available metering, called “spiral metering scale”
  • “≤ 1CM” spacing, perfect material locking, material gushing, material scattering, and material channeling are no longer possible

Screw Feeder8

Specification of Screw Feeder

  • System accuracy (static): ≤± 0.5%;
  • System accuracy (dynamic): ≤± 1~3%;
  • Static zero point and mechanical zero point: ≤ 0.2% F.S;
  • Speed regulation range: 1~10 or 1~5;
  • Working mode: continuous.

Circular feeding port screw scale:

ModelSteady flow spiral diameterFlow range (m³/h)Metering accuracy
Single tubeDouble tube
LGC200D/LGC200Sφ2000.3-50.6-10Better than 1%
LGC250D/LGC250Sφ2500.5-81-16Better than 1%
LGC300D/LGC300Sφ3002-154-30Better than 1%
LGC350D/LGC350Sφ3504-228-45Better than 1%
LGC400D/LGC400Sφ4006-3010-60Better than 1%
LGC450D/LGC450Sφ4508-4516-90Better than 1%
LGC500D/LGC500Sφ50010-7020-140Better than 1%

 Square feeding port, single and double screw feeding screw scales:

Specification and modelSpecifications of current stabilizerMetering device specificationFlow range (m³/h)Metering accuracy
LGCF250-2500800×500φ2501~10Better than 1%
LGCF300-3000800×500φ3006~30Better than 1%
LGCF250-2500S800×500sφ25010~50Better than 1%
LGCF300-3000S1000×550sφ30015~70Better than 1%
LGCF350-3500S1000×550sφ35025~120Better than 1%

Remarks: The specific flow range is determined by the reduction ratio of the reducer equipped with the screw and the motor speed.

How to Install the Product

  1. The manufacturer follows a modular product design philosophy to facilitate system integration. This approach reduces the need for large cranes during installation, resulting in a more cost-effective and labor-efficient installation for the customer.
  2. The manufacturer provides a comprehensive technical support system to ensure customer satisfaction. This system includes technical consultation, installation guidance, and after-sales support. It’s important to note that on-site service isn’t available at your location. However, detailed product installation video materials are available for remote assistance.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • If any accessories are damaged during the warranty period, we will replace them free of charge to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Advantage 1: BINCEN specializes in the production of electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments, and complete automation equipment. Located in Chongqing, Southwest China, the company has a good industrial foundation and tradition. These products find extensive application in supporting construction machinery manufacturers. Notably, our weighing and batching controllers feature precise algorithms and dependable performance.

Advantage 2: Our company offers international-grade industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, as well as sensor equipment and instruments. These are supplied to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, including those in the aerospace industry in China. Our technology and products are renowned for their reliability and credibility.

Advantage 3: Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to providing comprehensive sales service support. This includes expert guidance throughout the sales process, from pre-sales solution design to product selection assistance, as well as installation, debugging, and after-sales maintenance services.


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