Highway Overrun Detection System

The working principle of the vehicle overrun detection system is as follows: when the vehicle to be tested passes the weighing platform, the vehicle separator separates the vehicle to be tested into every single vehicle according to the actual situation. The weighing system weighs the axle weight of each single axle of the vehicle in dynamic or static conditions and accumulates the axle group weight. Finally, when the vehicle type is obtained, the preset on-board rating of the vehicle type is obtained, and the actual total weight and rating are compared, Check whether the vehicle exceeds the limit and its weight. According to the total weight and out-of-gauge weight, the vehicle fees shall be calculated according to relevant regulations, and the staff shall be charged or punished based on these fees.

What Is Highway Overrun Detection System?

The vehicle overrun detection/weighing and toll collection system is composed of a dynamic axle load scale, vehicle separator, axle identifier, weighing controller, large screen display, weighing management computer system, printer, and other equipment. The composition block diagram is as follows:

Highway Overrun Detection7

Highway overrun detection computer software system

Including weighing management software of the road administration version and traffic police version, which can be set and used according to the use requirements, and can handle dynamic axle load, axle group weight, and total vehicle weight. The overweight punishment mode can be selected: sub-item punishment for overweight axle load and overweight vehicle, punishment according to the maximum amount of single overrun, or flexible setting of punishment according to the overrun vehicle only! It has statistics functions such as over-limit statistics query and report printing.

Computer software system for highway toll by weight

Highway Overrun Detection6

Through the dynamic axle weight weighing of this system, the total vehicle weight is obtained and sent to the network database, realizing the seamless interconnection with the toll collection system.

The main components of the highway overrun detection system and highway toll system

  • Dynamic axle load scale: used to measure the dynamic weight of each axle of the vehicle. The scale body is of I-beam and U-steel structure: the sensor is a spoke-type sensor installed on the ground, which can prevent flooding and moisture. Its dynamic performance and safety performance are much better than those of the cantilever beam sensor, with good homing performance, thus measuring accuracy, repeatability and stability are good!
  • Dynamic weighing instrument: FS3198-D1 dynamic axle load weighing instrument developed by our company is adopted.
  • Infrared vehicle separator (optional): It is used to provide vehicle entry and departure signals for the weight inspection system to complete vehicle separation.
  • Axle identifier (optional): The axle identifier consists of an axle detector and its controller to identify the type of vehicle passing by.
  • Outdoor large screen display (multiple options): it can display total weight, over-limit weight, cost, etc.
Highway Overrun Detection8
Highway Overrun Detection9

Strong light suppression low illumination camera

Highway Overrun Detection10
  • Full or partial suppression of strong light, with the function of “solar eclipse”;
  • Wide dynamic range, low illumination, reaching 0.05-0.001Lux ultra-low illumination;
  • The electronic shutter can be adjusted in multiple gears to capture fast objects in real time;
  • Remote control via RS422/485.

The special camera with strong light suppression is especially suitable for a strong light and backlight environment. The target behind the strong light can be clearly seen, and the image definition is high; When the headlights illuminate at night, the license plate number can be clearly seen; When the light is very dark, the vehicle and license plate can also be seen clearly due to wide dynamic and low illumination. They are very suitable for highway toll stations, road monitoring, all-weather weighing image monitoring, and other applications that require high-definition feature images, such as continuous video recording of passing vehicles, vehicle image capture, automatic license plate number recognition, etc.

Highway Overrun Detection11

Near, medium, and long-distance non-contact IC card reader

Highway Overrun Detection12

Near, medium, and long-distance non-contact IC card reader adopts radio frequency readers to read RFID card data non-contact, which is used for automatic weighing. It can automatically input vehicle number, driver, unit name, vehicle tare, and other information corresponding to the card number! The short-distance non-contact IC card reader uses a thin IC card, and the medium and long-distance non-contact IC card reader uses a thick IC card (with a built-in micro antenna).

Specification of Highway Overrun Detection System

  1. Tabletop: 3.2m × 0.9m or 3.5m × 0.9m
  2. Weighing method: total weight=cumulative weight of each axle
  3. Specification: 30t, 40t, with 4 load cells
  4. Foundation: the shallow foundation pit shall be weighed at a fixed position and the leveling
  5. length shall be more than 2 times the vehicle length
  6. Precision: static, OIML Class III; Dynamic Level 5
  7. Power supply: AC220V/50HZ (with UPS power supply)

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