Highway Dynamic Axle Load Scale

Highway dynamic weighing automatic weighing axle load scale is an automatic weighing equipment used for weighing vehicles in motion, especially suitable for current high-speed weighing and weighing charging systems. By measuring the axle (group) weight of the vehicle separately, and then accumulating the total vehicle weight. Suitable for vehicle weight inspection on fixed road sections, or self-inspection load measurement of managed vehicles in industries such as logistics and mining.

What Is Highway Dynamic Axle Load Scale?

The standard configuration consists of a scale body (including weighing sensors, junction boxes, limit kits, embedded parts, etc.) and weighing instruments. Other external devices can be purchased according to different user needs to form various configurations, including computers, printers, large screen displays, power surge protectors, voltage stabilizing power supplies, multi-functional power sockets, and closing devices (vehicle detectors, photoelectric switches).

The weighing platform is sturdy and highly integrated. Select stable and reliable high-precision alloy steel bridge type weighing sensors and intelligent dynamic and static weighing display instruments. The weighing data can be printed and recorded by a printer through the standard interface of the instrument, connected to a large screen display to display the weighing data, or connected to a computer to form a weighing management system.

1. Mechanical Weighing Table

  • The entire scale consists of a 3.8 * 0.9m long rectangular scale surface with a profile frame structure and seamless laser welding. The weighing platform is sturdy and highly integrated.
  • The mechanical weighing platform serves as a support and force transmission mechanism, consisting of a weighing platform, a digital axis device, a sensor pressure head, a longitudinal limit, a transverse limit, a base, and a foundation-embedded plate, to complete the guidance, support, and force transmission work of the measuring process.
  • The weighing platform is the main part of the Highway Dynamic Axle Loadscale, welded from section steel and steel plates, with sufficient strength, stiffness, and good stability. The weighing platform is installed on the foundation embedded parts through sensors.
  • The sensor pressure head is the connection between the sensor and the weighing platform, and its function is to ensure that the sensor is in good stress state.
  • The function of the base is to support the weighing sensor and limit system, and it is welded and fixed with the foundation-embedded plate.
  • The embedded plate is embedded in the reinforced concrete foundation as a base support.

2. Sensor System

The sensor system consists of a set of weighing sensors and a junction box, and the sensors are connected in full parallel. The axle group dynamic scale uses four sensors, which are connected to the weighing display through a junction box and adjust the balance of the four corners of the scale.

3. Axle Recognizer

Axle recognizer

Single-axle and multi-axle metering can automatically identify the axle type and wheels of a vehicle.

4. Infrared vehicle separator

It can automatically determine whether the vehicle has passed through, thereby accurately determining the weight of the entire vehicle.

5. Weighing display

It is the core component of the vehicle dynamic scale, used to display and print weighing results, and has very complete Chinese character printing and statistical functions.

Business process description:

  1. Initial state: There are no vehicles in the detection area.
  2. When the cargo vehicle enters the station, on-site personnel guide the vehicle to drive at low speed to the weighing platform for inspection.
  3. The vehicle triggers a precise axle splitting subsystem and intelligent high-definition vehicle license plate subsystem, and the license plate recognition camera captures the license plate image and automatically recognizes the license plate number; At the same time, the precise combination of the axle subsystem and the weighing subsystem detects the relevant information of the vehicle, including the number of axles, axle weight, vehicle type, total weight, and speed.
  4. When the overrun vehicle detection system collects information about the vehicle’s axle weight, total weight, speed, and license plate, it automatically determines the number of axles, vehicle type, and overrun situation based on the threshold of the overrun penalty standard. The vehicle information, such as license plate number, total weight, overweight, overrun rate, and amount, is sent to the information display subsystem for display and sound and light alarm, prompting drivers and overload control personnel. Vehicles that have not exceeded the limit shall be directly released, and vehicles that exceed the limit shall be compensated, fined, or unloaded according to the standard threshold before being released or re-inspected.
  5. Example diagram:

Features of Highway Dynamic Axle Load Scale

  • Adopting a modular structural system, easy installation and maintenance
  • Adopting axis measurement method, small scale area, lightweight, small civil engineering quantity, convenient installation, and maintaining level ground
  • Static weighing, stable performance, and high accuracy
  • Dynamic weighing, vehicle mass that can be weighed without parking

Function of Highway Dynamic Axle Load Scale

  1. Automatic closing discrimination (can be manually distinguished)
  2. Storage and printing of data
  3. Automatic vehicle classification/types (such as 2-axis, 3-axis, etc.), and allow additional types of password protection from regulatory levels when needed.
  4. Data processing functions:
  • Weighing date and time.
  • Vehicle speed during weighing.
  • Accurate single axis and group weights and their speeds.
  • Accurate total vehicle weight.
  • Automatically calculate overload penalties according to instructions (load limits and penalty rates should be edited from the supervisor level when password protection is required).

Specification of Highway Dynamic Axle Load Scale

  1. Static: OIML (III) level
  2. Dynamic: Uniform speed: Total weight accuracy level 2 (speed ≤ 5km/h); Axle load accuracy level D (speed ≤ 5km/h)
  3. Note: Rough road conditions, obvious gear changes, braking, and other conditions can reduce accuracy
  4. Weighing: 3.8X0.9 weighing platform 30 t
  5. Overload capacity: 125% F.S
  6. Permissible dynamic weighing speed of the inspected vehicle: ≤ 5km/h (constant speed)
  7. Number of axles (number of axle groups) that can detect a single weighing vehicle: ≤ 12; Axle load
  8. Serial interface: RS232/RS422/20mA current loop
  9. Parallel printer interface
  10. Optional multiple vehicle closing methods (automatic closing, automatic delayed closing, manual closing)

In addition, we also supply other axle load scales such as Fixed Axle Load Scale, Highway Overrun Detection System, etc. Various kinds of products can satisfy your different needs!

How to Install the Product

  1. Our modular design and pre-integrated systems eliminate the need for heavy machinery during installation, saving you time and money.
  2. We offer comprehensive technical support, including installation guidance and after-sales service. Please note that on-site service is not available in your area, but we provide detailed video tutorials and remote assistance for installation.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • We stand behind our products. If any accessories are damaged during the warranty period, we’ll replace them at no charge.

Why Choose Us?

  • BINCEN specializes in manufacturing electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments, and complete automation equipment. Our products find extensive application in supporting construction machinery manufacturers. Our weighing and batching controller features precise algorithms and consistent performance.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in the production, R&D, and sales of weighing instruments, and we are still developing and innovating. We supply international industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, and sensor equipment and instruments to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and aerospace industry entities in China. Our technology and products are esteemed for their reliability and credibility.
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