Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale

Economical and practical U-beam truck scale is an automatic welding machine with full welding, economical use of materials; Overall high strength, good rigidity, strong resistance to torsion and lateral forces, more sturdy and durable. It is a kind of popular truck scale suitable for the weighing needs of ordinary users.

What Is Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale?

Why the U-shaped beam should be selected for a large weighbridge:

Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale8

The economical and practical U-beam truck scale is mainly designed with 5~8 U-shaped main beams. This design can ensure the overall rigidity of the weighing platform, so as to better extend its service life. Secondly, the inner chamber of the weighing platform is basically of a fully sealed structure, so it is easy to avoid rusting. Finally, the paint used for the steel plate also plays a very significant role in pressure resistance and anti-corrosion.

Configuration Introduction

(1) Sensors:

  • Protection level selection: IP67, IP68
  • Measurement accuracy level: Static Level III
  • Famous domestic and foreign brands ensure stability and repeatability.

(2) Weighing display: well-known domestic and foreign brands

(3) Weighing control software:

(4) Sensor junction box, surge protection

(5) Other configurations:

printer, large screen, UPS power supply, computer, barrier and vehicle detector, traffic lights, computer network system, camera image capture software, license plate automatic recognition, video monitoring system, etc.

Features of Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale

The frame structure of the economical and practical U-beam truck scale is welded by directly purchased section steel, with a simple process and low cost. The U-shaped steel is used as the longitudinal beam. No vehicle will sink the platform of the weighing platform when traveling on the platform laterally or longitudinally. In addition, the U-shaped groove and the platform of the structure are fully welded, so that the U-shaped groove and platform form a box structure, making the platform flat and not deformed no matter how the vehicle travels.

Specification of Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale

Maximum weighing(t)203040506080100120
Dividing value(kg)5 101010 2010 20202020 5020 50
Scale body panel thickness(mm)8、9、108、9、109、10、1210、1210、1210、1210、12≥12
10t, 20t, 30t, 40t, and other specifications, selected according to the weighing and user requirements  
Sensor specificationsThe total length of the scale body: is 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 meters, etc;
Weighing body width: 2.5, 3, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 meters, etc;  
Model selection of weighing platform: The platform consists of a single platform, double platform, three platforms, four platforms, five platforms or more.
Platform size (L x W)The total length of the scale body: is 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 meters, etc;
Weighing body width: is 2.5, 3, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 meters, etc;  
Model selection of weighing platform: The platform consists of a single platform, double platform, three platforms, four platforms, five platforms or more.
Display meter and printerInstrument options: DS3, DS8, DS10, D2008, D39, and other instruments, including keyboard operation and touchscreen display   Optional printer: EPSON series

How to Install the Product

  1. Our products are built for easy installation. The modular design and pre-integrated systems mean no heavy lifting equipment is required, minimizing installation costs and labor.
  2. We are committed to your satisfaction beyond installation. Our complete technical service system provides you with expert advice, installation guidance, and ongoing after-sales support. While we can’t offer on-site service in your area, we provide thorough video guides and remote assistance for a smooth installation process.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • We stand behind our products. If any accessories are damaged during the warranty period, we’ll replace them at no charge.

What We Can Offer You Is Not Limited to the Following Services

1. Basic construction guidance

Basic construction guidance 2
Basic construction guidance
Remote guidance installation 1

2. Remote guidance installation, remote weighing software debugging, and remote diagnosis of car scale faults can efficiently help customers identify fault points and simplify maintenance procedures

3. Randomly gifted toolbox

Randomly gifted toolbox
Plug in voltage regulator

4. Plug in voltage regulator

Why Choose Us?

Advantage 1: BINCEN specializes in manufacturing electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instrumentation, and complete automation systems. Our products find extensive application in supporting construction machinery manufacturers. Our weighing and batching controllers feature precise algorithms and consistent performance.

Advantage 2: We cater to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and aerospace industry firms in China, offering international-grade industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, and sensor instruments. Our technology and products are renowned for their reliability and credibility.

Advantage 3: Our seasoned engineers offer comprehensive sales support services, including professional pre-sales solution design, product selection advice, on-site installation and debugging during sales, and post-sales maintenance guidance.


A1: 1 set.


  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS, CIP, FCA, CPT, DEQ, DDP, DDU, Express Delivery, DAF, DES.
  • Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR, CNY.
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Escrow.
  • Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Korean.


  1. Reach purchase intention after communication;
  2. Signing the contract;
  3. Pay deposit;
  4. Pay the balance after completion of production according to order;
  5. Delivery arrangements.

A4: The scale is naked. Accessories are packed in cartons or wooden boxes.

A5: Within 24 hours.

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