Exploring Industrial Weighing System & Why Bincen Delivers

The weighing system, derived from weighing, is divided into a stand-alone weighing system and a network version. Its advantages are automatic data collection and monitoring of the operation process.

Types of Industrial Weighing System

Factory In-and-out Material Management System

truck weighing system (weighbridge weighing system), unattended weighing system, weighing management system, etc.


  1. With automatic data collection and monitoring of the operation, the process provides prevention of human cheating. Fast printing of multi-copy weighing slips and avoidance of manual billing errors.
  2. With detailed reports, real-time monitoring, and infrared anti-cheating. A queryable process that could improve management efficiency.

Quantitative Filling Scale

Suitable for sewage treatment plants and powder treatment plants. Choose BIncen’s FS3198-C4 weighing display controller, and distribution control panel, and realize a multi-scale multi-material dosing system.


  1. High integration, meets the measurement requirements of industrial scales, high accuracy, and accurate measurement.
  2. Scale static accuracy: OIML Ⅲ class
  3. Scale and PLC control system: High accuracy of the same PLC control system
Quantitative Filling Scale

Factory Batching System

The FS3198 series produced by Bincne research has various functions such as weighing & batching controller, quantitative packaging controller, and quantitative irrigation controller. It is suitable for factory enterprises’ multi-channel automatic distribution scales; multi-scale (multiple materials per scale) economic distribution systems; multi-scale distributed micro-distribution systems; electronic scales and PLC control systems, etc.


  1. Dispensing characteristics: Electronic balance static accuracy: OIML Ⅲ
  2. Dispensing accuracy: ±0.2-1.0% (full-filling process) (determined by material fluidity, feed mechanism, feeding speed, etc.)
  3. Dispensing speed: 1-5 times/minute (determined by feed, wholesaler, etc.)
Factory Batching System

Why Choose Bincen?

Look no further than Bincen for your industrial automation needs. Bincen is a leader in innovative solutions, focusing on cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control.  They are not just a manufacturer, but a dedicated partner offering a specialized range of heavy-duty industrial systems.

Here’s what sets Bincen apart:

  • Innovation Driven: Bincen prioritizes continuous development, ensuring their systems embody the latest advancements in the field.
  • Control Expertise: Their focus on control systems guarantees precise and reliable operation of their industrial solutions.
  • Unwavering Quality: Bincen prioritizes quality at every stage, delivering products built to last and perform flawlessly.
  • Heavy Duty Specialization: They cater specifically to heavy industrial applications, providing robust and dependable systems.
Factory Batching System(1)

Bincen is a company that specializes in innovation, control, and ensures product quality. It is a specialized production series factory called a heavy system. By choosing Bincen, you gain a partner committed to progress and quality. Their industrial systems will empower your operations to reach new heights of efficiency and productivity.