Drum Scale

A drum scale relies on the friction between the rotating roller and the object to move it forward. According to their driving forms, they can be divided into unpowered drums and powered drums. Mainly composed of rollers, racks, brackets, and driving parts (power), it realizes inspection, sorting, and control, suitable for weighing in production lines. It has the characteristics of large conveying weight, fast speed, light and fast operation, and can achieve multi variety co line diversion transportation.

What Is Drum Scale?

The unpowered drum scale has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed, light and fast operation, and can achieve multi variety collinear diversion conveying. It has a calibration function and can determine whether the product weight is qualified at the upper and lower limits. Optional printing and three color alarm lights.

Power drum scales are commonly used for horizontal or slightly inclined upward conveying lines. The driving device transfers power to the drum to rotate and transport goods. There are two types of drivers: single driver and group driver. Each roller of the former is equipped with a single driving device for easy disassembly. The latter is driven by a drive device consisting of several rollers as a group to reduce costs.

The Function of Drum Scale

  • Equipped with calibration scale function.
  • It has functions such as automatic calibration and automatic zero-point tracking.
  • Equipped with dual overload protection function.

Specification of Drum Scale

NameUnpowered drum scalePower drum scale
Maximum weighing50 kg30 kg
Passing quantity15 pcs/min
Graduation value10 g
SizeCustomized according to needs
InstrumentStandard configurationOptional
Touch screenOptionalStandard configuration
MaterialStandard carbon steel
Remove segmentsOptional

In addition to the Drum Scale, we also provide other industrial scales, such as Steel Cylinder Scale, Crane Scale, Hopper Scale, etc. BINCEN is committed to supplying the best quality products and services for our customers!

How to Install the Product

  1. The manufacturer designs modular products, and system integration, and does not require large cranes during installation, saving installation costs and labor.
  2. The manufacturer has a complete technical service system to provide customers with technical advice, installation guidance, and after-sales service. Note: Our store does not have an after-sales service point in your location and can only provide online remote guidance for installation. Detailed product installation video materials are available for remote guidance.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • If the accessories are damaged during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall replace them.

Why Choose Us?

  • BINCEN is a manufacturer engaged in electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments and meters, and complete automation equipment! We have more than 20 years of experience in the production, R&D, and sales of weighing instruments, and we are still developing and innovating. Our products are widely used in supporting construction machinery manufacturers, and the weighing and batching controller has precise algorithms and stable performance.
  • We provide international industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, and sensor equipment and instruments for many well-known large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and aerospace industry enterprises in China. Our technology and products are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Senior engineers provide you with comprehensive and comprehensive sales service guidance, pre-sales professional solution design, product selection guidance, in-sales installation and debugging, and after-sales maintenance service guidance.


A1: One-year warranty, discontinued online remote guidance service.

A2: OIML, BT, ISO, CE, Type evaluation certificate of truck scale.

A3: Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment.

A4: At present, there are only repair points available in China. If you have repair needs, we will provide online remote guidance.

A5: Provide your email, phone number, Whatsapp, and other contact information to facilitate our sales personnel to communicate with you in the future; We also need to provide the specifications of the products you require, such as size, maximum weight, etc., so that we can provide you with a faster quotation.

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