Weighing Management Software With License Plate Recognition

Weighing management software with license plate recognition is related to vehicle weighing, such as entrance and exit management, violation control, and weighbridge weighing management. It is necessary to record the license plate number recognize the license plate while measuring the vehicle’s load, and establish corresponding relationships. Combined with weighing systems, the easy parking license plate recognition system products can also be widely used in areas such as highway overload detection stations, high-speed dynamic weighing, mining area entrances, source enterprise overload control, and weighing payment.

What Is Weighing Management Software With License Plate Recognition?

Introduction to Weighing Mode:

(1) Introduction to Standard Weighing Mode

The standard weighing is twice: the first weighing is gross weight or tare weight; during the second weighing, the system automatically searches and matches the license plate number in the incomplete information based on the license plate number to complete the weighing. If it is a fixed vehicle, you can pre-set the shipping and receiving information, product name, specifications, etc. in the pre-set table. After identifying the vehicle number, the corresponding information will be brought out. If it is not a fixed vehicle but needs to input various information, it is necessary to set the semi-automatic weighing mode in the software and choose whether to input the first weighing or the second weighing. (Note: The software can be set to determine procurement/sales based on fur/fur).

(2) Introduction to Simple Weighing Mode

The simple weighing mode is also divided into two weighings, and the gross weight and tare weight are determined based on the size of the weight. Fill in the corresponding tare weight of the car number in the preset function, select the car number, and click the weighing button to save the complete information. (This function is for manual weighing, and the automatic weighing mode is the same as standard weighing.)

(3) Introduction to One-Time Weighing Mode

The process of selecting a weighing mode is as follows: vehicle number recognition weighing – input information – save data to form a complete record.

Function of Weighing Management Software With License Plate Recognition

  1. Scale sheet editing (printing) function: modify scale sheets, weighing interface settings, printer settings, and print reports.
  2. Query and statistics function: You can use conditional queries, classification queries, and other query statements to retrieve detailed information for each record in the year, month, and day.
  3. Weight data deletion and data backup (restoration): single data deletion, database backup, database cleaning, and database initialization.
  4. Weighing interface configuration function: System maintenance – Weighing interface settings – Interface instant settings.
  5. Data maintenance function: querying data records, preset information, table information, invalid records, etc.

Features of Weighing Management Software With License Plate Recognition

Weighing management software with license plate recognition uses license plate recognition technology while weighing the vehicle, the intelligent license plate recognition integrated machine or license plate recognition software is also used to automatically recognize the license plate number. At the same time, the vehicle image and related information, weighing data, and other information are recorded, greatly saving weighing time, improving work efficiency, and effectively avoiding the influence of human factors. The intelligent weighing system and vehicle information can also be automatically uploaded to the management center for network operation.

How to Install the Product

  1. The manufacturer employs a modular product design philosophy, facilitating system integration. This approach minimizes the need for large cranes during installation, resulting in cost-effective and labor-efficient installation for the customer.
  2. A comprehensive technical service system is provided by the manufacturer to ensure customer satisfaction. This system encompasses technical consultation, installation guidance, and after-sales service. It is important to note that on-site service is not available in your location. However, detailed product installation video materials are provided for remote guidance.

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