Three Things You Must Know Before Buying an Electronic Truck Scale

The Characteristics of an Electronic Truck Scale

  1. Simple application without supporting facilities. The electronic truck scale is used to continuously measure the amount of toxic and harmful organic VOC gas in hazardous or industrial environments. It can be used alone, without the trouble of real-time online monitoring by the host. It is suitable for personal safety protection and on-site use. It is mainly used to detect the VOC concentration in the workshop and the plant boundary, emergency monitoring of safety accidents, and rapid detection of exhaust gas concentration.
  2. The intelligent probe is designed with convenient functions. The electronic truck scale is designed as an intelligent probe, which provides convenient facilities and development for future calibration and maintenance functions. In today’s convenience era, it is in line with people’s preferences and social development trends.
  3. The effect of the intelligent prompt is obvious and there is no omission. The electronic truck scale will immediately notify the intelligent prompt effect of errors, warnings, operation errors, and alarms, and no errors will occur. The built-in CF compensation coefficient setting will remain unchanged.
Explosion Proof Truck Scale2
l-beam Steel Structure Limit Load Truck Scale body 3

The Functions of Electronic Truck Scale

  1. The function of proofreading records should not be ignored. The electronic truck scale has the function of recording the time and type of the last four alarms. It has the function of proofreading records. The time and range size of the fourth calibration can be recorded.
  2. Large capacity lithium power supply charging mode. The electronic truck scale is powered by a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and automatically turns off at low power. This function of automatic power-off and large capacity charging is excellent and outstanding, which lays a solid foundation for development.
  3. Set high and low newspaper and shutdown time. The electronic truck scale can set high treasure, low treasure, TWA, STEL, shutdown time, air pump speed, etc. Setting high and low alarms, shutdown time and rotation speed are key measures to help its development providers.

The Advantages of Ground Truck Scale

  1. Quality stability: major, no warping, positioning (reduce shaking), no deformation, accuracy, and stability.
  2. Convenient lifting: modular production is convenient for lifting and transportation.
  3. High recycling value: high cost-performance ratio, much better quality, and function than an iron pound, but the price is almost the same as an iron pound. Chongqing truck scale manufacturers believe that cement pounds that have been in normal use for 30 years can be sold for half of the purchase price, and have always been products.
  4. International trend: cement floor weighers have been very popular in foreign countries and have entered the stage of universal use, which can well make up for the defects of the whole steel structure floor weighers, and it is an inevitable trend to replace the steel structure floor weighers.
  5. Lightning protection: due to thunderstorms, steel structure floor weighers are often struck by lightning, causing unnecessary damage to electronic components, while concrete floor weighers are nonconductors, which can reduce the damage to sensors, metering monitors, junction boxes, etc. by lightning.