How to Choose an Anti-Corrosion Truck Scale (Weighbridge)?

Features of Anti-Corrosion Truck Scale (Weighbridge)

  1. Good mechanical properties, toughness, and fatigue resistance; can withstand the heavy rolling of trucks and trucks.
  2. Scope of application: electroplating factories, battery factories, chemical plants, electrolytic cells, pharmaceutical factories, and other factories and enterprises that are resistant to corrosion by chemical solvents such as strong acids, strong alkalis, and salts, as well as coastal areas with humid air, and the protection of truck scales (Weighbridge). Corrosion is important.
Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale3

Which Anti-Corrosion Paint Is Best for Steel Structures?

Many anti-corrosion paints can be used for steel structures, and they need to be selected based on the anti-corrosion duration, budgeted cost, specific working conditions, and corrosion factors. Moreover, the anti-corrosion of steel structures adopts a multi-coat construction, a primer + topcoat, or a structure of primer + intermediate paint + topcoat. To extend the service life of the truck scale (Weighbridge), the following aspects can be considered when selecting the truck scale (Weighbridge):

A. Painting Process of Steel Truck Scale (Weighbridge) Scale Body

Epoxy resin paint construction technology:

  1. Surface rust removal treatment of purchased steel
  2. Customize the number of times of application of epoxy zinc-rich anti-corrosion primer according to customer needs (to improve brittleness and bonding ability)
  3. Fluorocarbon paint or acrylic marine paint, the film thickness can be customized.
  4. Can be customized as needed: primer + intermediate paint + topcoat

B. Anti-Corrosion Treatment of U-Beam Structure Truck Scale (Weighbridge)

[Truck scale (Weighbridge) scale body structure] The U-shaped steel bridge-type structure has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity, simple and compact structure, etc. The inner cavity of the scale platform is fully sealed and is not easy to rust. If anti-corrosion is required, epoxy is used Zinc-rich primer and acrylic marine paint are not easy to rust, are wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and have strong anti-corrosion capabilities. The appearance is beautiful and easy to maintain. However, because the U-shaped beam scale body girder is generally made of thin materials, its corrosion resistance is not as good as other structures for long-term use.

Economical and Practical U-beam Truck Scale

C. Use Thicker Base Material to Make Anti-Corrosion Truck Scales (Weighbridge)

  1. For example, our company’s patented structural girder has a wall thickness of 8mm. The scale body lane is closed with steel plates, which effectively reduces water vapor erosion. The scale body material is thick and has strong corrosion resistance.
  2. Use high-quality epoxy zinc-rich primer + fluorocarbon paint as a topcoat
  3. This type of structure has better corrosion resistance in actual use.

D. Concrete Truck Scale (Weighbridge)

For areas with strong corrosion, steel-concrete structure truck scales (Weighbridge) can be used.

  1. The main structure is made of a carbon steel frame and internal steel mesh. After the concrete is poured, the steel mesh dries to become an anti-corrosion surface.
  2. On-site watering requires professional guidance.
  3. The transportation cost is lower than that of ordinary carbon steel scale bodies.
  4. The concrete truck scale (Weighbridge) has outstanding anti-corrosion capabilities and a long service life, eliminating the problem that the steel scale body is corroded and has a short service life.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions or needs during actual selection and product use, please feel free to consult our company!!!