How to Choose a Suitable Truck Scale? Following These Four Steps, You Will Get a Satisfactory Answer

Step 1. Determine the Type of Truck Scale

The selection of truck scale is different in different sites and occasions. Therefore, we need to determine the type of truck scale according to the use scenario. For example, if it is a humid or corrosive environment, we should choose a corrosion-resistant stainless steel truck scale; If it is a flammable and explosive chemical plant, we should choose an electronic truck scale with an explosion-proof function.

Step 2. Determine the Size of the Weighing Platform

The selection of the platform specification of the truck scale shall be based on the relevant data of the weighing vehicle, i.e. wheelbase and wheelbase. The width of the truck scale is generally about 0.5-1 m longer than the track distance of the truck scale vehicle. The length of the truck scale is generally 1.5m to 2m longer than the wheelbase. truck scale production company.

Step 3. Select the Truck Scale Sensor

The quality of the sensor directly affects the performance and service life of the truck scale. The truck scale sensor we want to choose is not only free from the interference of the remote controller but also can prevent fraud. It also automatically detects faults and directly reflects whether the sensor is abnormal through the instrument. Another encryption function is to prevent manual operation.

Step 4. Choose the Right Truck Scale Manufacturer

When selecting the truck scale, the brand and popularity of the manufacturer, the location, and the distance of the manufacturer are all factors we need to consider. Select a relatively good manufacturer, and the product quality and after-sales service of the electronic truck scale will be guaranteed. In addition, the location distance of the manufacturer also needs to be considered. Generally, the principle of proximity is good, the transportation is convenient, and the later maintenance is guaranteed.