120-ton Weighbridge

The 120-ton weighbridge is suitable for weighing and measuring bulk cargo vehicles in ports, docks, airports, mines, metallurgy, materials, warehouses, and factories, including the rear eight wheels, front four rear eight (with a length of 9.6 meters), semi-trailers, and trailers. It simulates the A/D conversion of sensor output signals, and the signal from the junction box to the instrument is digital, thereby reducing remote control cheating; Strong anti-interference ability, more stable use, and very convenient maintenance.

What Is 120-ton Weighbridge?

Product performance, materials, and processes:

Product accessory list:

Accessory NameSpecificationBrand
Weighing sensor30t,40tDigital or analog Protection level: IP68,IP69ZEMIC/KELL/Celtron/UTICLELL
Weighing instrumentStandard configuration:
1. RS232/RS485 adaptive;
2. RS232◆ Power supply: AC187-242V;
3. 49-51HZ◆ DC power supply: powered by an external 12V battery
Junction box30t,40tDigital or analog protection level: IP68,IP69Remodeled by BINCEN
Scale body limitThe four corner limits of each scale sectionSupporting facilities of BINCEN
Lightning protection grounding flexible copper wireReduce damage to sensors caused by induced lightning strikesSupporting facilities of BINCEN
Optional configurationComputers, printers, weighing management software, unmanned weighing systems, weighing systems with license plate recognitionBINCEN
Accessory of 30 ton weighbridge 4

(1) Sensors

The weighing sensor of the 120-ton Weighbridge is the core component of the weighing scale, which functions to convert weight values into corresponding measurable electrical signals.

(2) Weighing instrument

Also known as a weighing display controller, it is used to measure the electrical signals transmitted by sensors, and then process and display weight readings through specialized software. The data can be further transmitted to printers, large-screen displays, and computer management systems.

Weighing instrument

(3) Accessories

Printer: used to print weight data forms

  • Large screen display: used for displaying weight and other data at long distances and magnifications.
  • Weighing management software: used for further processing, storage, transmission, etc. of weight data.
  • The weighing management system consists of weighing software, a computer, a printer, and data line instruments.

Features of 120-ton Weighbridge

120-ton Weighbridge is high precision, long service life, corrosion resistance, stable structure, accurate positioning, no deformation, maintenance free, suitable for industries such as public weighing stations, chemical enterprises, port terminals, and refrigeration industries that require high anti-corrosion functions.

  1. Lightning protection: It can reduce the damage to sensors, weighing displays, and junction boxes caused by lightning strikes for customers.
  2. Strong corrosion resistance: suitable for chemical erosion, especially in damp coastal areas.
  3. Rust prevention and maintenance free: moisture resistance and oxidation resistance
  4. Long service life: The material has good rigidity, wear resistance, and pressure resistance.
  5. Good quality stability: no tilting, small swinging, no deformation, good accuracy and stability.
  6. Modular production makes lifting convenient and flexible.

Specification of 120-ton Weighbridge

Basic technical parameters of SCS-120t weighbridge

Length options12m、14m、16m、18m、20m、22m、24m
Width options3m、3.2m、3.4m
Maximum weighing capacityMax=120t
Accuracy levelAccuracy level: OIML III; Graduation value: d=20kg, e=50kg
Verification standardsDigital scale JJG539-2016
Scale body structureAll steel structure, stiffness: 1/1000F S
Safety overload125%F.S.
Installation methodShallow foundation pit or no foundation pit, steel slope can be customized
Power supplyAC220V (-15~+10%),50Hz±2%
Scale platformComposed of 3 or more weighing platforms

* Various special specifications of weighing scales can be customized according to customer requirements

How to Install the Product

  1. The manufacturer designs modular products, and system integration, and does not require large cranes during installation, saving installation costs and labor.
  2. The manufacturer has a complete technical service system to provide customers with technical advice, installation guidance, and after-sales service. Note: Our store does not have an after-sales service point in your location and can only provide online remote guidance for installation. Detailed product installation video materials are available for remote guidance.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • If the accessories are damaged during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall replace them.

What We Can Offer You Is Not Limited to the Following Services

1. Basic construction guidance

Basic construction guidance 2
Basic construction guidance
Remote guidance installation 1

2. Remote guidance installation, remote weighing software debugging, and remote diagnosis of car scale faults can efficiently help customers identify fault points and simplify maintenance procedures

3. Randomly gifted toolbox

Randomly gifted toolbox
Plug in voltage regulator

4. Plug in voltage regulator

Why Choose Us?

  • BINCEN specializes in the production of electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments, and complete automation equipment. Located in Chongqing, Southwest China, the company has a good industrial foundation and tradition. These products find extensive application in supporting construction machinery manufacturers. Notably, our weighing and batching controllers feature precise algorithms and dependable performance.
  • Our company offers international-grade industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, as well as sensor equipment and instruments. These are supplied to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, including those in the aerospace industry in China. Our technology and products are renowned for their reliability and credibility.
  • Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to providing comprehensive sales service support. This includes expert guidance throughout the sales process, from pre-sales solution design to product selection assistance, as well as installation, debugging, and after-sales maintenance services.


A1: One-year warranty, discontinued online remote guidance service.

A2: OIML, BT, ISO, CE, Type evaluation certificate of truck scale.

A3: Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment.

A4: At present, there are only repair points available in China. If you have repair needs, we will provide online remote guidance.

A5: Provide your email, phone number, Whatsapp, and other contact information to facilitate our sales personnel to communicate with you in the future; We also need to provide the specifications of the products you require, such as size, maximum weight, etc., so that we can provide you with a faster quotation.

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