Weighbridge With Steel Slope

Most weighbridge adopt a structure without foundation pits, and their height should be higher than the ground. To weigh a vehicle, an additional ramp must be added to reach the electronic weighing scale to complete the weighing task. Weighbridge With Steel Slope Is a good choice.

What Is Weighbridge With Steel Slope?

  1. Slope adjustment is a necessary transition for weighing large vehicles (for large electronic scales/car scales/electronic car scales).
    To prevent damage caused by collision with the weighing scale when weighing cars, and also to affect the transportation of goods on the car.
  2. Convenient transportation (small electronic weighing scale).
    Some barreled or loose goods do not need to be transported by car and can be transported by cart to the electronic weighing scale for weighing.
  3. The slope of the weighbridge with steel slope can serve as a protective scale.
    The height of the weighing scale is not at the same level as the ground. If there is no slope, cars or other goods may collide with the surface of the weighing scale when weighing, which can cause certain damage to the weighing scale.

Specification of Weighbridge With Steel Slope

  • Multiple weighbridge with steel slope: single slope, double-sided slope, and split slope.
  • Slope guide panel: ordinary steel plate or anti-slip patterned plate.
  • Size: Customized according to the size of the scale body.
  • Applicable occasions: Suitable for users with a short usage cycle of the weighing scale, which is not convenient for basic use.

How to Install the Product

  1. The manufacturer designs modular products, and system integration, and does not require large cranes during installation, saving installation costs and labor.
  2. The manufacturer has a complete technical service system to provide customers with technical advice, installation guidance, and after-sales service. Note: Our store does not have an after-sales service point in your location and can only provide online remote guidance for installation. Detailed product installation video materials are available for remote guidance.

Related Services

  • Elevant Certification: CE.
  • Services Available: Customized, ODM and OEM.
  • If the accessories are damaged during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall replace them.

What We Can Offer You Is Not Limited to the Following Services

1. Basic construction guidance

Basic construction guidance 2
Basic construction guidance
Remote guidance installation 1

2. Remote guidance installation, remote weighing software debugging, and remote diagnosis of car scale faults can efficiently help customers identify fault points and simplify maintenance procedures

3. Randomly gifted toolbox

Randomly gifted toolbox
Plug in voltage regulator

4. Plug in voltage regulator

Why Choose Us?

Advantage 1: BINCEN is a manufacturer specializing in electronic scales, ingredient controllers, instruments, and complete automation equipment. Our products find extensive application in supporting construction machinery manufacturers, with our weighing and batching controller boasting precise algorithms and dependable performance.

Advantage 2: We supply international-grade industrial automation control and testing equipment, industrial weighing systems, and sensor equipment and instruments to numerous renowned large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, as well as aerospace industry entities across China. Our technology and products are known for their reliability and credibility.

Advantage 3: Seasoned engineers offer comprehensive sales service support, including pre-sales solution design by professionals, assistance with product selection, installation, and debugging during the sales process, and guidance for after-sales maintenance services.


A1: Yes, we can provide an operation video.

A2: It is 12 months.

A3: One-year warranty, discontinued online remote guidance service.

A4: At present, there are only repair points available in China. If you have repair needs, we will provide online remote guidance.


  1. Reach purchase intention after communication;
  2. Signing the contract;
  3. Pay deposit;
  4. Pay the balance after completion of production according to order;
  5. Delivery arrangements.

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