How to Increase the Lifespan of a Weighbridge? Good Maintenance and Upkeep Are Essential

Good use environment and regular maintenance can improve the accuracy and reliability of weighing and prolong the service life of electronic truck scales. The purpose of maintenance is to put prevention first and prevent troubles before they occur.

Scale Body

  1. Clean the scale table frequently and keep it clean. It is recommended to paint the scale surface once a year. The gap around the truck scale body shall be free of foreign matters. If foreign matters are stuck, they must be clear and clean. The connector shall be maintained every six months, and the bearing head shall be greased after cleaning. The limit gap between the sensor and the weighing platform is 1mm. If the gap is not suitable, it must be adjusted.
  2. It is forbidden to conduct electric welding or use the scale platform as the ground wire on the scale platform of the truck scale.
  3. There shall be no ponding in the foundation pit. If the water in the foundation pit is accumulated due to rainstorms or other reasons, the water pump shall be used immediately to pump out or dredge the drainage channel, and the instrument can be powered on only after drying measures are taken.
  4. The maximum speed of the overbalanced vehicle shall not be greater than 5km / h, and the total weight of the overbalanced vehicle and goods shall not exceed the allowable axle load or rated weight.
Weighbridge Foundation Pit Selection4

Weighing Controller

  1. The appearance of weighing instruments, printers, and computers shall be kept clean, and the surfaces shall not be cleaned with strong corrosive solvents. Most weighing instruments use a 220V AC power supply, and the allowable voltage range is generally 187V~ 242V. After changing the power line, remember to measure whether the voltage meets the requirements before energizing the instrument. If the power is connected to the instrument by mistake, it may cause damage. Where the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, a voltage regulator with good performance shall be provided to ensure the normal use of the instrument. Some instruments are both AC and DC. When installing the dry battery for use, it shall be noted that the leakage of the battery may damage the instrument. If the battery is not used for power supply for a long time, take out the battery.
  2. Regularly check whether each wiring is loose and broken and whether the grounding wire is firm. The weighing instrument shall be connected with an independent and good grounding wire. The grounding wire has dual functions. It not only protects the personal safety of the operator but also plays an important anti-interference role, which can ensure the stable operation of the instrument. The grounding wire is connected to the power socket of the instrument. If the grounding wire of the instrument is connected to the public strong current protection grounding wire, it may cause power interference to the instrument and make the displayed value of the instrument fluctuate. Regularly check whether the ground wire connection point is in good contact. After a long time, oxidation and corrosion will occur at each connection point, which will make the instrument inoperative. In case of a thunderstorm, turn off and disconnect the weighing instrument and other power supplies in time. When off duty, cut off the power supply of the weighing display and other electrical appliances.
  3. Keep the junction box dry and clean. The desiccant in the box shall be dried and replaced regularly. If there is a water drop in the box, it can be dried with an electric hair dryer.
  4. When the weighing instrument is in the gross weight state and the scale is empty, if the zero position light is not on, it should be set to zero before weighing.
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Legally Verified

The weighbridge shall be regularly verified by the technical supervision department. It shall be verified at least once a year. If the performance changes due to the displacement of the scale body or the replacement of the sensor, the technical supervision department shall be notified in time for verification. The weighing room shall establish rules and regulations, and the weighing officer shall take up the post with certificates after training. The calibrated weight shall be often used for comparison, and the outs of tolerance shall be repaired and eliminated in time. In case of any abnormality in the measurement display of the truck scale, the technical supervision department shall be notified in time for inspection and test, so as to effectively maintain the accuracy of measurement.